5S System | Technique to improve Work quality

5S System | Technique to improve Work quality in this blog we will study about 5S technique to improve productivity and quality of working culture. It is a systematic and rational approach to work place organization and methodical housekeeping with a sense of purpose.

5S System | Technique to improve Work quality

In this blog we will read about

  • 5S Objectives
  • 5S Concept
  • 5S Improtance

Main objectives

  • Quality improvements
  • Accent prevention
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Energy conservation
  • Downtime reduction
  • Moral improvement
  • Creativity improvement
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5S Concepts

1.  Shorting out - SEIRI
2. Systematic arrangements - SEITON
3. Spin & Span - SEISO
4. Standardization - SEIKETUS
5. Self Discipline - SHITSUKE

1.  Shorting out - SEIRI

Task -  Keep usable things in. Remove non usable things.

How to do it?
  1. Remove all garbage and necessary tools from work place.
  2. Remove useless papers, Stationary from table or desk.
  3. Clean walkways
  1. Area availability improvement.
  2. Items are easily available and easy to get it.
  3. Cost reduction of unnecessary purchase.
  4. Better material use.
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2. Systematic arrangements - SEITON

Task - Material arrangement in order.

How to do it.
  1. Ensure layout of arrangement. Items are kept in A B C D order, 1 2 3 order or any other order.
  2. Make 2 sections - 1. Daily use   2. Rarely used
  3. Decide place for items.
  4. Use - Labels for Identifications, Colour codes, File index, Records, Drawing for easy getting things.
  5. Install Racks, Shelves, Cabinet, Storage for easy placement of things.
  1. Easy availability of material
  2. Lesser down time due to easy availability
  3. Faster handling of  breakdowns.
  4. Minimum time for searching.
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3. Spin & Span - SEISO

Task - Cleaning of  Work place

How to do it?
  1. Collect dust, papers, plastic, etc
  2. Make equipments & tools clean from Oil Grease, Dirt, Keep polishing colour.
  3. Develop standard of cleaning, Clear responsibility for each person, Make system of waste removal.
  1. Clean view of object help in problem identification.
  2. Accident prevention, Product quality improvement.
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4. Standardization - SEIKETUS

Task - Working atmosphere hygiene improvement.

How to do it?
  1. Wear Neat Clean and protective uniform
  2. Maintain sufficient lighting, ventilation, exhaust.
  3. Maintain cleanness in office, washrooms, toilet, locker, rooms, canteen, kitchen.
  4. Minimize noise, heat, vibration, vibration, bad odor.
  1. Moral improvement - ownership and pride improvement among employees.
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5. Self Discipline - SHITSUKE

Task - Maintain sincerely and consistency.

How to do it?
  1. Make Standards, Rules, Guidelines, Directory, Procedures, Developing actions. which are easily understandable and approachable.
  2. Conduct work audits, reviews.
  3. Training programs, Demonstration, mock drill should be carry
  1. Nice and elevated feeling, employees involvement.
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Importance of 5S

When you implement 5S system properly it will gives you following results
  1. Clean working areas - No rejected items or unwanted items are lain inside working area.
  2. All items are kept in proper location / order.
  3. Mutual co=operation in keeping individuals and other area machinery, records.
  4. Following rules and regulations help in maintain required standard.
Result - 5S System | Technique to improve Work quality

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