HR Interview Question - 2

HR Interview Question - 2 contains interview questions asked in interview 

11. Define yourself in 5 words. 
12 What Is Your Greatest Achievement?
13. What is your strength point?
14. Why should our Company / We / I hire you? 
15. Are you good Te

11. Define yourself in 5 words. 


Recruiters wish to get a glimpse of how your mind works, and what better way to do it than asking what you think of yourself?

Questions like these put you on the spot and allow the recruiters to see how self-aware, prepared, and authentic you are.

And since you have only 3 words to answer, the attributes you choose would reveal the qualities you relate to the most, making their job easy.


For Industrial People

These are the top 5 skills you can choose from:

Knowledge exchanger
Team player
Smart worker

Fresher roles

If you are a fresher, you can choose from these skills to describe yourself in 3 words.


12 What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

Understand your Job first
Prepare your relevent achievement and analysis it properly

Make answer short and clear with proper words


Once i was in charge of DCS and its One Module rack power stopped. Emergency power cord is also connected with same power source. 

So all indicators turn out of order and i had handled parameters with my team and service department. 


13. What is your strength point?

Tips : Understand your job description well and on that basis answer must be prepared

  • Qualification 
  • Experience 
  • Soft Skills
  • Hard Skills

My Strengths are

My qualification BE Chemical + Post Graduate in Industrial Safety. 

And i have been working in industry since 8 Years

Another i am Senior Engineer in XYZ Chemical Limited so I can handle Plant safely as well as i can also make reports like Daily Production Reports SAP System entry, etc


14. Why should our Company / We / I hire you? 


I have relevant skills and experience of your requirements which can be beneficial to your company rest skills i can easily adapt. 

and i can give you my best efforts i had given to my present company

15. Are you good Team member / Player / Worker? 

Answer : Many times situation needs other or someone's work to be finished or i have to pass my work with somebody due to Medical or personal reasons it's all manageable 




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