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How to find job as a Fresher?

If you are a fresher chemical engineer, Diploma Chemical engineer, M.Sc, B.Sc,M.Pharm, B.Pharm then this article is made specifically for you.

If you are a fresher chemical engineer, Diploma Chemical engineer, M.Sc, B.Sc,M.Pharm, B.Pharm then this article is made specifically for you

How to find job as a Fresher?

Step 1 : Prepare for interviews

I found too many people are attending interview without any kind of preparation for or reading and this resulted in to REJECTED. Interview scheduling is tough work and your interview may be scheduled by too much requests of your friends or you’re relative. There is also no surety for when your next interview will be schedule

Prepare for interviews

I have collection of chemical industries interview Questions & Answer which i posting in my Whatsapp group Industrial guide pro time to time so before attending any interview read it carefully and other basic subjects like Unit operations, Heat transfer, Mass transfer etc.

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Step 2 Contact Companies 

If you want to apply in any company then most reliable method is to send your CV to Human resource (HR) department's e mail id, Contact them to numbers and apply in official website's career portal. This is most effective way to directly interact with HR department but may be not getting reply but still this works. 

I am suggesting sending your mail on HR's email id once a month. Wherever you get e mail id send your CV if they don't require still send your CV spread your CV as much as you can. If any industrial area nearly there then submits your CV to companies by their employees if you know or security gate, You can also send them by post or courier. Open your account in and same web portals

How to find job as a Fresher?
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Step 3 Contact placements

Placement also known as consultancy Contact them and ask them for your desired job Placement may charge you registration fees and 1 full salary you get you have to pay them so be clear about it

But i found too much frauds are there they have contact to small scale companies and schedule a fake interview that may take by Non-technical person and give you result that they will call you about it So when you go for placement first check their reliability from your friends or your known persons, sometimes they also charge training fees, resume building fees etc. so before contact them check their genuineness

How to get numbers of placements?

1.Open Justdial website

2.Enter your location and search "Placement for candidates"
You will get results

Use your own wisdom when you go for placements

Check out this

Step 4 Reach your destinations

If you want job you have to reach your job destination to find job, There are too much persons finding jobs from home by asking friends, college seniors, relatives 
When you ask them they will try to find job for you but soon they starting neglect you due to their own work so i suggest you to go to nearest job location and stay with your college friends, seniors if they staying in bachelor or your relative's home It's more effective

Dont miss this

Step 5 Stay connected 

If you are in search in job then stay connected to your College seniors, relatives who are in your same field. Don't call him every day but at least twice a week Whatsapp them, don’t irritates anyone. 

Ask your friends if they have any Whatsapp group available then join it. It may also helpful.

I am also handling Whatsapp group and pages if you want to join me Whatsapp me on 7984218556 (Incoming calls blocked - Only whatsapp me)

- Latest walking interview details 
- Chemical engineering books notes 
- Chemical companies contact details
Check description carefully

Step 6 Attend all walking interview 

If there are any walking interview happening nearby you then attend interview if they don't require too It is less effective method and sometimes they will only accept CV and tell you to leave but there may scope that may take your interview.

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