Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger

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Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger

These are commonly used up to temperature difference of 90-95° C. 

Above these temperature differences problems of differential expansion arise. 

These are used when shell side fluid is clean and non-fouling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger


It is simple in construction and economical.

Gasketted joints are minimum.

Shell is welded to tube sheet on both sides, so leakage possibility is less.

No intermixing of shell side and tube side fluid.

No limitation on number of tube side passes.

Since straight tubes are used, tube replacement is easier.

Tubes can be cleaned mechanically or chemically.

Minimum by passing of shell side fluid between tube bundle and shell.


It is not possible to remove tube bundle for inspection and cleaning.

Outer surface of tube cannot be cleaned manually or mechanically.

Shell and tube sheet material should be weldable together.

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