What is SCADA ? How does SCADA Works?

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. it’s a kind of software system application for process management.

This could be a central system that includes controller’s network interfaces, input/output, communication equipment and software system.

This systems are wont to monitor and control the equipment within the industrial process that embodies producing, production, development and fabrication.

The infrastructural processes embody gas and oil distribution, electric power, water distribution. Public utilities embody bus traffic system, airport.

The SCADA system takes the reading of the meters and checks the standing of sensors in regular interval so it needs lowest interference of human.


General SCADA Network

A massive variety of processes occur in large industrial institution. Each process you would like to observe is extremely complicated as a result of every machine provides totally different output. 

The SCADA system wont to gather the information from sensors and instruments placed at remote area.

The PC then processes this information and presents during a timely manner. 

The SCADA system gathers the data (like leak on a pipeline occurred) and transfer the data back to the system whereas giving the alerts that leak has occurred and displays the data during a logical and arranged fashion. 

The SCADA system wont to run on DOS and UNIX system, |OS operating systems.

General SCADA Network


Generally this system could be a centralized system that monitors and controls entire space. It’s purely software system package that’s positioned on prime of hardware. 

A supervisory system gathers information on the process and sends the commands control to the process. The SCADA could be a remote station unit that is additionally called RTU. 

Most control actions are auto performed by RTUs or PLCs. The RTUs include programmable logic device which might be set to specific demand.

 For instance, in the thermal power station the water flow will be set to specific value or it will be modified according to the need.


The SCADA system permits operators to vary the set point for the flow, and modify alarm conditions in case of loss of flow and extreme temperature and also the condition is displayed and recorded. 

The SCADA system monitors the performance of the loop. This system could be a centralized system to communicate with each wire and wireless technology to Clint devices. 

The SCADA system controls will run fully all types of industrial process.

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