Reactive Distillation

Reactive Distillation blog contains following 

  • History
  • Principle
  • Conventional Process
  • MTBE Production Using Reactive Distillation
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Application


• Reactive distillation technique first applied for the recovery of ammonia in the classic solvey process during 1860s.

• Then in 1920s esterification process using homogeneous liquid phase catalyst comes into the picture. 

• In 1970s, manufacturing of MTBE using hetrogeneous catalyst comes into the consideration.


• LeChatelier's law:- 

For the reaction in equilibrium, if any change in any process variables like temperature, pressure or composition of reaction mass is made, reaction move in such a direction which will nullify the change.

A+B <--> C+D

Conventional Process

ɑc = 8, ɑa = 4, ɑb = 2, ɑd= 1

MTBE Production Using Reactive Distillation

(1) Water scrubber

(2) Reactor

(3) Reactive Distillation column

(4) Absorber

(5) Stripper

Effect of various parameters on Reactive Distillation on MTBE

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