Piping Isometric drawing and Check points

What is an Isometric drawing?

A detailed piping system/line drawing with reference to construction and material requirements.

18 Points to remembers in isometrics checking:

1. Pump Suction Is Bigger Thon Discharge Line.

2. Eccentric Reducer (Flat Side Top) Used For Pump Suction Line This Is For Avoid The Air Block In Pump Suction.

3. Pump Suction Line And Compresser Suction Line Keep Always Downword Position, No Loops Permitted To Pump Suction.

4. Psv Outlet Always Rising Position.

5. Check The Valve Accesibility For Moitoinance Purpose. Valve Operating Height Min 250mm To 1200mm From Floor Level.

6. Lift Check Valve Always Horizontally Used. Swing Check Valve Vertically And Horizontally Used. 

7. Control Station Operating Height 500mm To 750mm From Floor Level.

8. Shoe Not Required For Trunion. (Insulated Lines)

9. Headroom Clearance Minimum 2.2m From Ground/Floor Level. 

10. Dripleg Required For Steam Line Header.

11. Shoe Required For Insulated Lines (Steam, Chilled Water,Brine, Steam Condasate).

12. Shoe Not Required For Condansate Line When Line Will Be On Pipe Rock.

13. Nozzle Orientations Should Be Keep As Per Piping Requirement.

14. Avoid The Obstacles. Keept A Piping Routing Neat And Clearly.

15. Control Stations Locates Side Of Near The Walls Or Columns

16. Give A Trunion Supports To Control Station On Both Side Of Control Valves.

17. Use A Dike Wall Around The Equipments For Avoid The Liquid To Spread In The Plant Area. The Volume Of Dike Wallis 1.5 Times More Than Total Copacity Of Equipments.

18. Use Weldneck Flange For Pressure Piping.

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Naitik Patel
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