Heavy equipment TBT 11

Heavy equipment used on construction jobs often creates dangerous conditions. Any moving equipment such as grader, roller, loader, excavator, cranes, and trucks should be respected and avoided. Following instructions must be followed;

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  • Do not assume that the operator sees you. You could wind up injured or worse
  • Do not depend on hearing a horn or an alarm to warn you that moving equipment is near. You may not able to hear the equipment’s alarm over other construction noise.
  • When you see the equipment is travelling backwards keep out of the way and stand clear until the operator has completed his maneuver. Never cut across the path behind any equipment while it backing. You could easily trip and fall under the equipment.
  • No operator should back a piece of equipment into area without someone clearing the area and giving signals.
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  • Watch out for swinging equipment such as cranes and excavators. There is often pinch-point between the equipment and some obstruction when the unit swings. Make sure there is enough room for workers to pass and if there is not shut of the area to any access.
  • Never walk alongside moving equipment. Keep in clear in case it slides or turns, or the loads shifts. Don’t walk under loads on cranes and hoists.
  • When you are working near equipment operating near vicinity of power lines, don’t touch or come into contact with the equipment frame. There is always chance that the boom of the equipment may hit the power lines. Warn the operator or supervisor any time you see this possibility and follow the instructions.
  • Never clean, adjust, lubricate, repair or work on a machine that is in operation. Stop the machine before working on.

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