Loading Equipment TBT 2


1. Review any accidents or "near accidents" from the past week.

2. Describe the hazards of the work as they relate to your project. Explain or show the SAFE way of doing the job.

3. Give the Tool box Safety Talk

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Loading equipment onto trailers can cause serious injuries if the equipment slips or falls. Often, the equipment will be just as wide as the trailer and there will be little room for error. No matter what type of equipment you are loading or what type of trailer you are using, follow these general rules:

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  • Make sure all non-essential Personnel are removed from the loading area.
  • Secure the truck or trailer to prevent movement. Use chocks or wheel blocks.
  • Verify that the equipment is in line with the trailer. Make sure the trailer is level.
  • If you're driving equipment onto a trailer, watch and follow your guide.
  • Do not steer sharply.
  • Before transit, make sure the weight is evenly distributed on the trailer and the equipment is secured.

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