Job safety analysis | Safety blog

Job safety analysis | Safety blog

Job safety analysis | Safety blog

Hello Readers
This blog contains basic concepts of JSA - Job safety Analysis which performed before hazardous work

Today we will see study about JSA - Job safety analysis.

This blog contains

1. Purpose and definition of JSA
2. Where Job safety analysis can be used.
3. Job safety analysis method
4. Aspects to be consider.

Interview questions asked from this blog

1. What is Procedure of JSA form filling?
2. Where Job safety analysis can be used?
3. Which employees should be present during Job safety analysis?

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1. Purpose and definition of JSA

Job safety analysis is a technique which analyse total working process which has potentiality of harm.

Job safety analysis is a procedure in which job is divided in tiny parts and analyse for its risks as a result to make safe working procedure evolved with proper safety adaptation.

Though this technique can be applied at any stage it is most useful at the stage of planning , design and starting of process.

It is also used at the time of renew job method and uncover hazard. JSA can be evolved at Design & planning stage of plant, building, machinery, equipment, tool, work station & process.

JSA gives us
  • Personal characteristics of worker - skills, ability
  • Procedure of working with proper planning
  • Hazard identification to avoid accidents
  • Preventive measures in advance to avoid accidents
  • Select the job
  • Breakdown the job into successive steps
  • Identify hazard and potential accidents in each step
  • Develop safety measures to eliminate above hazards 
Before job starts persons involved in job should observe work place. Possible hazards & Safety measures related to job must be discussed. 

Hazard minimization
  • Find alternate working method with no hazard or less hazard.
  • Changing physical condition which is creating hazard.
  • Eliminate hazard still present or change working procedure.
  • Reduce hazardous job frequency by engineering control.
  • Use appropriate PPEs - personal protecting equipments.
JSA is in written format and attached with Work permit that will help to communication next persons.

Job safety analysis form

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2. Where Job safety analysis can be used?

  • Job safety analysis must be conducted at Hot Work, Height work, Confined space entry,Gas Prone area, Fire possible area.
  • Jobs where highest accidents, injuries, Fatalities, lost time injuries happened or probability happens.
  • Jobs where minor injuries can lead to major accidents.
  • Jobs which is new at working site and no one has experience about it, New operations, Process, and complex jobs where written instructions are mandatory.
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3. Job safety analysis method

1. Involvement of all department persons

Wherever job is performing all staff persons must be involved to share their knowledge and experience about job and exchange with one another.

1. Job issuing department - Supervisor, Technician
2. Job performing department - Supervisor, Operating staff
3. Safety Person

2. Review accident history or hazards regarding to Job

If there is known history of  near misses, incidents or accidents regarding to this job or similar to this job review it before job conducted.

3. Conduct a preliminary job scenario

Discuss way which job will be performed and precautions will be taken. This way will be written in tiny parts and hazards regarding to this.

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4. Aspects to be consider

Following factors to be consider before any job conducted
  • Manpower skills and experience.
  • Tools and Personal Protective Equipment's health.
  • All persons involved aware about job which way conducting.
  • Area isolation / barrication required or not.
  •  Special permission is required or not
  • Isolation procedure is required or not.
  • Which Personal Protective Equipment required.
  • Fire protection and the way which it will use.
  • Listing of Jobs which has high hazard potential.
  • Safe guards which are put at job.

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Thanks for reading - Job safety analysis | Safety blog
Naitik Patel

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