Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry blog contains 

  • Type of confined space
  • Hazards & Control measures in confined space
  • Control Measures

Confined space is defined as any area with limited means of access/ egress and the area is subject to

  • Oxygen deficiency/enrichment
  • Accumulation of flammable vapors or any
  • Air born contaminants that exceeds established permissible exposure limit (PEL).
  • E.g. Vessels, tanks, seaways, sumps, pipeline, trench, ditch, ducts, silo, sludge, pits, excavation, bins etc.

Type of confined space

a) Isolated hazard confined space

b) Permit required confined space

c) Continuous system permit required confined space

d) Controlled atmosphere confined space

Hazards & Control measures in confined space

  • Presence of toxic gases, fumes, dust, vapor etc.
  • Poor ventilation/ lighting or darkness
  • Fall/hit by structure (body injured/death)
  • High temperature & humidity
  • Noise
  • Presence of combustibility
  • Restricted size of openings
  • Restricted or poor communication
  • Possible electric shock
  • Entrapping design

Control Measures

  • Confined space entry/ work permit
  • Checking the O2 level & other gases at regular interval (O2 should be 19.5 to 23.5% by volume)
  • Using of air supplying/ purifying respirator
  • Proper lighting
  • Use of air plug/ muff
  • Placement of fire fighting equipments and fire watcher
  • Exit/ entrance to be free from any obstruction
  • Proper ventilation like exhaust fans
  • Stand by person near the exit/ entrance
  • Special electrical safety like current passing through ELCB, 24V lamp, standard cables etc.
  • Use of proper PPEs
  • Proper housekeeping
  • Work to be done by competent person
  • Work to be carried out in proper Supervision

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