Personal Protective Equipments

Personal Protective Equipment contains details about types of Personal Protective Equipment Respirators & Non- respirators

It stands for personal protective equipments. It is the barrier between hazards and person.

It’s extensively used by the workers in any industry as protective measures against injury both fatal & non-fatal. 

There are two types of PPEs-

1) Respirators

2) Non- respirators

Respirators are of three types-

I. Air purifying respirator

i. Particulate respirator/mechanical filter

ii. Chemical cartridge respirator

iii. Combination mechanical filter and chemical cartridge

iv. Gas mask

v. Powered air purifying respirator

II. Supplied air respirator

i. Self contend breathing apparatus (SCBA)

ii. Air line respirator

III. Combination of air purifying and supplied air respirator

Air line with an auxiliary air purifying attachment

Non- respirators are of seven types-

I. Head protection

a) Helmet

b) Hard hats

c) Caps

II. Ear protection

a) Ear muff

b) Ear plug

c) Ear canal

d) Cotton/ wool

III. Eye protection

a) Goggles ( different types)

b) Spectacles

IV. Face protection

a) Face shield

b) Face hood

c) Mess shield

d) Radiation shield

e) Clear face screen

V. Finger, hand and arm protection

a) Mittens- for fingers & thumbs

b) Gloves- for hand including fingers

c) Hand guard and hand pads

d) Sleeves- for arm excluding hand

VI. Foot and leg protection

a) Safety shoes

b) Boots- gum boots, leather safety boots, asbestos safety boots, slip in type safety boobs

c) Foot guards

d) Leg guards/ leggings

VII. Body protection

a) Aprons

b) Boiler suits

c) Fire suit

d) Protective suit

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