Distillation Control

Distillation Control

  • Component segregation is achieved  by control of heat input 
  • Stream splitting is achieved by control of product flow
  • Column pressure is dictated by many factors as, condensing media temperature, heat sensitivity of the material, heating media temperature, relative volatility and so on.
  • Column pressure too high – feed system may be unable to input feed to the column. Allowable design pressure may exceed.
  • Column pressure too low – Product may not flow from system
  • Too high bottom temperature – Product degradation. 
  • Rapid Variation in Flow or pressure -Control of  u/s equipment becomes impossible.

Feedback control of pf outlet temperature

Distillation Control

Flow rate of HTM is adjusted as PF outlet temperature is perturbed.
Valve may be shown in either supply or return line.

Distillation Control 2

Feed - forward control of PF outlet temperature
PF outlet setpoint T2 and perturbations of PF input flow and 
Temperature are fed to monitor which adjusts flow rate of HTM to 
Maintain constant PF outlet temperature T2

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