Animals, Reptiles, and Insects at work place TBT 8

 1. There are several types of animals, reptiles and insects encountered in the desert, which may be potentially dangerous to human life. Leave all those creatures alone and most often it may not pose any threat to you.

2. Do not feed or befriend wild animals such as dogs or cat. Leaving food out will also encourage mice and rats. Wild animals are sometimes infected with rabies or its contact or biting my transmit infection.

3. Sand Vipers, a poisonous snake, have been found in Desert work areas.

4. Scorpions are also common in desert as are spiders and other insects, which can bite.

5. Report any animal attack, snake bite or scorpion sting to first aid clinic for arranging rescue or medical assistance.

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If desert animal or insects bite a person, the following First Aid should be administered:


If the victim is more than 10 minutes from the hospital, place a band above the bite or above the joint closest to the bite.

Do not move the person. Keep the person calm and call for emergency assistance.


If it is available, place an ice pack, or ice cube on the sting. Transfer the victim to the nearest hospital.

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Ice cubes or an ice pack should be applied at the affected part to relieve pain. The victim should be referred to the hospital for medical attention if required.


The victim should immediate report to the hospital for treat men and medical investigation. The medical officer shall diagnose the bite and notify the detail to the Veterinarian for observation of the animal

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