Emergency Response Plan TBT 16


A serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation which requires immediate action is called an EMERGENCY.


  • Loss of life
  • Health
  • Property 
  • Environment.

ERT-Emergency Response Team is the first line of Defence against any emergency happens in plant. In Emergency, 

Why ERP?

  • Save Invaluable Human Life
  • Save Valuable Property
  • Save Environment
  • Safety of Operations
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On Site Emergency Any undesired event which has the capability of human loss, property loss and affects only inside the industrial premises

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Off Site Emergency Any undesired events occurred inside the industry premises which effects the people, property and environment outside the industrial premises.

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Role and Responsibility of ERT Member
  • Be Ready 24 X 7
  • Report to Emergency Location once Emergency Declared
  • Check Wind Direction
  • Carry Equipment's while moving towards Emergency
  • Take Action only after guidance from IC
  • Proper Risk Assessment to be done
  • Rescue Shall be on priority
  • Choose correct Fire Fighting Medium
  • Don't operate emergency equipment without guidance of Incident Controller or ERT Leader.
  • Don't approach toward emergency
  • location without emergency equipment Don't leave emergency place until/unless communicated by leaders.
  • Don't make situation Panic.

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