Storage & handling of chemicals TBT 15

 Material safety data sheets shall be available for all chemicals.

  • All chemicals shall be properly stored in a protected and secured area away from other materials storage.
  • All toxic substances shall be kept in the specific container with the first aid action clearly explained on container label.
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  • All personnel handling such chemicals shall be:

    • Made aware of potential hazards and emergency first aid action
    • Equipped with appropriate protective clothing such as boots, chemical suits, gloves, safety goggles & respiratory protection device as required
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  • Chemicals, which are reactive such as acids and solvents, shall not be stored close together.
  • Gases or chemicals, which give off vapors, shall be stored in well- ventilated room. The suitable respiratory protection will be used in case entering an area where the presence of toxic vapor or gas is possible.
  • Safety shower and eye wash station shall be available in a chemical handling or storage area
  • Smoking or bringing any source of ignition in chemical storage area is strictly prohibited.

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