Respiratory protection TBT 13


Get samples for all the types of respiratory protection equipment.

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Type of Respirator



Dust Respirators

To protect from dust nuisance

Check manufacture limitation used while sand / grit blasting, working near crude oil smoke,

grinding or sawing wood, etc

Chemical Respirators

To protect from harmful mist or Vapours used when entering vessels, spray-painting or when other toxic elements cannot be removed from the work area.

Check manufacturer limitation

Canister Type Gas Mask

For specific gases specified on canister.

Not to be used for dust, mist, vapour unless approved by manufacturer

Self - Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

In high concentrations of Toxic gases, Oxygen deficient area, any environment Hazardous to life and emergency escape.

Time limit on usage.

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  • Respirators are available upon request from your supervisor
  • Any employee who is assigned to wear SCBA or supplied air respirator must have been trained to use it.
  • Medical approval may be sought for personnel required wearing supplied air respirators.
  • Check Fire & Safety Regulations for further details on respirator usage

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