Personal Protective Equipment TBT 14


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  • Get samples of all personal protection equipment needed for your job
  • Using personal protective equipment is a mandatory requirement for safe execution of work. Personal protective equipment is available with stores. Overalls must be worn all times inside the plant or location of industrial activity (such as GC's, Booster Stations, Tank Farms, and Workshops etc.)
  • Safety helmets are required in all fieldwork areas. The only exceptions for not wearing safety helmets are inside offices or while riding inside vehicle, etc
  • Eye protection must be worn while - working around blowing sand / pressurized equipment, using spark generating tools, working adjacent to operational equipment, and handling chemicals.
  • Cotton, leather and rubber gloves are available and are required as applicable for the type of work being carried out.
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  • Safety Footwear must be of sound construction, and safety shoe with steel toes are required for various jobs. Sports shoes are not permitted for industrial duty.
  • Hearing protection is required while working in noisy areas.
  • Respirators are also supplied as necessary or when required by the permit to work. You may request a respirator from your supervisor Return damaged safety equipment to your supervisor for replacement.

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