Power Tools


Employees have the responsibility for properly using and maintaining tools.

Appropriate PPE should be worn due to the hazards that may be encountered while using portable tools.

Avoid dangerous environments. Don’t use power tools in a damp, wet and/or explosive atmosphere.

Around flammable materials, sparks produced by iron and steel hand tools can be ignition source. Where this hazard exists, use spark-resistant tools made from brass, plastic, aluminum, or wood.

Employees should be trained in the use of all tools-not just power tools. They should understand the potential hazards as well as the safety precautions

If you’re a power tool user:

Never carry a tool by the cord or hose.

Never yank cord/hoses to disconnect from receptacle.

Keep cords/hoses away from heat/oil, sharp edges.

Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, when changing accessories such as blades/bits cutters.

Employees using electric tools must be aware of several dangers; the most serious is the possibility


Among the chief hazards of electric-powered tools are burns and slight shocks, which can lead to injuries or even heart failure.

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