Rigging Failure TBT 28

Every year workers lose their lives as a result of improper rigging or rigging failure that allowed a load to fall while being hoisted. Some deaths occur when the load slips from the rigging, when the rigging breaks and allows the load to fall, and when the load breaks into pieces and falls while being lifted. Always exercise caution when working around

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Inspect all rigging prior to use to minimize the possibility of rigging failure. Look for hazardous conditions such as wire rope deformation, strain, binding, or kinking.

  • Do not wrap hoist lines around the load.
  • Know the rated capacities of rigging and slinging and use the proper size.
  • Ensure that loads are rigged to minimize the potential for dropped loads.
  • Do not exceed the load chart capacity while making lifts.
  • Determine a safe location to stand to avoid being struck by the load if rigging fails, or the load shifts while making lifts.

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