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Svante arrhenius definition

Chemical which release H+ ion called acid,
and Which release OH- ion called Base


HCl H2SO4 are Acid
NaOH KOH are Base


But it is applicable to solutions made in water (Aqueous solution) and Ammonia Aqueous solutions.

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Bronsted Lawrie Acid Base Definitions

Proton donor called Acid
Proton acceptor called Base

Bronsted Lawrie Acid Base Definitions


HCl solution gives H+ ion so it is Acid
This definition not explain COCl2 SO2 N2O4 solutions and CaO SO2 SO3 acid oxides and CaO, BaO and MgO reactions.

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Lewis acid base Definition

Electron donor is Acid
Electron acceptor is Base

Lewis acid base Definition


NaOH (Base) has OH- (Electron)
HCl (Acid) has H+ (Losted electron)
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