Safety Interview Questions 12

 Safety Interview Questions 12 contains questions about Storage of gas cylinders,  Precaution of excavation, advantages of JSA, Job safety Analysis,   tool box talk, types of hazards, inspection,

111. Storage of gas cylinders. 

112. Give a brief note about crane and LE? 

113. Give brief note about fork lift truck?

114. Give a brief about grinding?

115. Describe about vehicles and plants?

116. Precaution of excavation? 


111. Storage of gas cylinders. 

1. Cylinders should store in a safe, dry and well ventilated store 

2. Oxygen cylinders should be stored horizontally and acetylene cylinders shall be stored vertically. 

3. The standing cylinders should be secured properly avoids falling. 

4. Flammable gas shall be stored at least 50 feet away from another building 

5. Oxygen cylinder shall never be stored necessary flammable gas cylinder 

6. Empty cylinder shall be identified by marking with a chalk (MT) and checked for damage before returning to suppliers. 

7. Cylinders should not be kept as supports.

112. Give a brief note about crane and LE? 

1. Only authorized and competent person should operate cranes 

2. The correct sling must be used for the load to be lifts 

3. Lifting equipment must be certified from competent authority and mark with its SWL 

4. Never be used for loads excess of its SWL

5. Cables and slings must be padded when passing over sharp edges of equipment 

6. Check the condition of the ground before parking the crane and use out riggers 

7. All moving parts must be guarded 

8. Uncertified chains, ropes, slings and hooks should not be use 

9. All slings to be inspected by third party inspectors

10. Never stand or work under a suspended load

11. Place the out riggers on firms ground 

12. Guide ropes shall be used to control swing of lifted material 

13. Never operate the crane at the time of speed wing 

14. Lifting over live equipment should not be encouraged 

15. The crane should undergo periodical maintenance as per manufactures

113. Give brief note about fork lift truck?

1. Check breaks, lift tilt and tires. 

2. Check the stability of load before moving it 

3. Never leave your fork lift truck un-attend with motor running 

4. Never park fork lift truck on passage way 

5. Never drive with wet or greasy hands 

6. Always drive with a safe speed and slow down at turning point 

7. When driving without load forks about 6 inches above the floor or ground 

8. Never operate trunk in gaseous area 

9. Never carry a load so high that you cannot head, If necessary operate truck in reverse 

10. Avoid carrying lose materials on forks 

11. Never allow one to go under elevated loads 

12. Warn other employees to stand clear when staking or removing materials 

13. Exhaust pipe should have flame arrestor 

14. Fork should be lowered to the floor when the truck is unattended 15. Stay alert  all times

114. Give a brief about grinding?

1. Proper wheel shall be used a per the grinding M/c’s specification 

2. All the grinding M/c’s shall be used with wheel guard 

3. Grinding cables shall not mingle with welding cables 

4. All the cables shall be protected from damage 

5. Provide face shield with safety helmet 

6. Never use fracture wheel 

7. Excessive fighting of maintaining is dangerous 

8. All guards should be in position before the machine operated

9. The speed of the grinding should match in the speeds of the grinding machines

10. Only skill person should be handle this work 

11. Testing of wheel is necessary

115. Describe about vehicles and plants?

1. All vehicles requiring security vehicles pass 

2. All drivers should have valid driving license 

3. Drivers should not use fork lift trucks for carrying passengers 

4. All traffic regulations and speed limit should be strictly followed inside the plant area 

5. All vehicles area in a road worthy condition 

6. Vehicles park in the operation area must always unlocked with in ignition key in position

116. Precaution of excavation? 

1. Excavation area should be suitable barricade 

2. Put sign boards lights and flags 

3. Avoid heavy vehicle coming near the sides 








117. What are advantages of JSA? (Job safety Analysis) 

1. It helps to identify hazards and prevent accident 





118. What is TBT?

TBT full Form:



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