Safety Interview Questions 16

 Safety Interview Questions 16 contains Questions about cautions for welding,  precautions for gas cutting, sandblasting, precaution for painting,  hazards in welding, manual handling, accidents in mechanical handling,

151. What are the pre cautions for welding?

152. What are the precautions for gas cutting?

153. What are the precautions for “sandblasting”?

154. What is the precaution for “painting”?


151. What are the pre cautions for welding?

• Remove all combustion material from the place of welding

• Clear the work area and cover wooden floor with fire proof mats. (welding mechanic should be kept with in the visibility of the welders.

• Erect fire resistance screen around the work

• All welding cables should be fully insulted

• All welding mics shall be double earthed

• Welding area should be dry and free from water

• Keep the fire extinguisher/sand really

• Use leather hand gloves, goggles, and helmets

• Switch off the power when welding is stopped

• Do not allow the helper to do welding

• Do not shift he welding cable unless the electric power is switched off.

• Do not allow the helper to carry the welding. The terminal of the welding cables should be provided 3-cable with lugs and kept tight.

• Oxygen hose in black and acetylene hose in red in color as per standard

• Nrv of the blow torches should be maintained properly avoid back fire

• Welders should be trained properly

• Cylinders should be stored in a cold dry place away bottom heat and direct sunlight.

• Proper house keeping, good ventilation in the working area

• Smoking should be avoided from welding area

• Hose connection should be proper made

• Barricade the work area and put a sign board

• Rolling of cylinders should be avoided

• Flash back arrestor should be attached to each cylinder

• Any leakage of cylinder should be kept separately

152. What are the precautions for gas cutting?

• Keep fire extinguisher nearby

• Keep fire watch nearby

• Remove all combustible from work area

• Use all necessary PPE

• Never put welding gas cylinder in side a confined space

• Hoses shall not be laid in path ways

• Gas cutting torch should have flash back arrestors

• Gas test to be done to check for the presence of flammable gas in site.

• Good house keeping and ventilation necessary in working area.

• Hose connections should be made properly

153. What are the precautions for “sandblasting”?

• The compressed airline, hoses and another fitting must installment firmly without leaks the hose.

• Mis use compress are should be avoided

• A fresh air hood or mask must be worn

• House keeping can be done period cally

• Fire extinguish her shall be kept near by

• Dust mask ear plugs/muffs should be used

• No sand blasting shall be done on top of floating roof tank in service.

• Use goggles & face shield

• Sand blasting operation must be gas free

154. What is the precaution for “painting”?

• All flammable material should be cleared from the work area

• The required protective clothing and equipment must be worn

• Cartridge respirators shall always be worn

• Adequate ventilation is necessary

• Adequate washing facilities must be readily available

• Barrier cream should be applied to the skin

155. What are the hazards in welding?

• Eye injury

• Burn injury arc realization

• Electrical shock light arc radiation

• Heat, light, and radiation affect heat fume

• Poisonous gases chipped price of weld metal

156. What are hazards and injuries in manual handling?



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