Safety Interview Questions 23

Safety Interview Questions 23 contains Questions about life line,  safe anchorage of a life-line, Lock out , Tag out system, Tool box meeting, Emergency Evacuation Plan, Hydro Test, Hipot- Test, safety requirements for doing a hot work, near miss reporting.

221. What is life line?

222. How can we calculate the safe anchorage of a life-line?

223. What is Lock out/ Tag out system?

224. Expand the following:



221. What is life line?

Ans. A life line is a component that consist of a flexible line that connects to an anchorage at one end to hang vertically or that connect to anchorages at both ends to stretch horizontally and which serves as method to connect other component of a personnel fall arrest system to the anchorage.

222. How can we calculate the safe anchorage of a life-line?

Ans. When life line is used they shall be fastened to fixed safe points of anchorage capable of supporting 2300 Kgs. 

Shall be independent, and shall be protected from sharp edges and abrasion. Safe anchorage points may include structure members (minimum 4” structural member or 4” pipes) but do not include guard rails, vents, other small dia piping systems, electrical conduit, outrigger beams or counter weights. It shall be made from 10 mm dia. 

Width ropes. Horizontal life lines shall be installed at the highest feasible point, preferably above shoulder height. 

This life lines shall be maintained with unloaded sag at the centre no greater than 30 cm (12 inches) for e very 10 meters of life line length between attachment points

223. What is Lock out/ Tag out system?

Ans. For servicing or maintenance of live equipment or pipe lines, where the unexpected energizing or release of energy could cause injury, lock and tag are placed on the isolating device to avoid uncontrolled operation and give details of the lock-out schedule.

224. Expand the following:

•STARRT- Safety Task and Risk Reduction Talk

•COSHH- Control of substance hazardous to Health.

•OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

•OSHAS- Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.

•ELCB- Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.

•GFCI- Ground Fault circuit Interrupter.

•BS- British Standard \institute.

•SWL- Safe working Load .

•ANSI- American National standards Institute.

•Lost Time Incident.

•ASTM- American Society for Testing of Materials.

•JSA- Job Hazards Analysis.

•LEL- Lower Explosive Limit.

•UEL- Upper Explosive Limits.

•PEL- Permissible Explosive Limit.

•REL- Recommended Exposure Limit

•PSI- Pounds/Square Inch ( 1 bar= 14.7 psi)

•STEL- Short Term Exposure Limit.

•WBGT- Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

•APR- Air Purifying Respirator

•ASR- Air Supplying Respirator.

•SCBA- Self Contain Breathing Apparatus.

•RSO-Radiation Safety Officer

•NFPA- National Fire Protection association

225. What is the importance of a Tool box meeting?

Ans. The workers can be educated about safe rules and procedures, and their awareness can be improved on some special task its importance.

226. What is an 


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